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Why Nigerians Should Vote For Me—peter Obi Predicts He’ll Win In The South West.

Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, said he can lead Nigeria to the promised land in 2023.

At the Dominican University, Ibadan’s first and second convocation ceremonies, he declared his confidence in winning the 2023 southwest election.

“And my promise is a promise that I will deliver,” said Obi, the university’s Pro-Chancellor.

“The job requires a lot of physical and mental energy; its for you to assess who is most likely to do the job, for me it is to secure and unite Nigeria, ensure that we move it from consumption to production that is the only way we can pull people out of poverty by creating jobs and creating opportunities and things begin to turn around if we can do that.”
He said, “I would invest in health and education; we will start from basic education to ensure that people are educated at the basic level, at tertiary level we will find a mix that will enable us to work where our students will no longer go on strike. It’s unacceptable, we’ll bring people out of poverty, we’ll work hard to shift Nigeria from consumer to producer, and we’ll help the private sector to create more jobs for our youths.”

Mr. Obi said, “Ibadan requires a lot of federal presence.” Ibadan, in particular, is as big as Lagos.

Ibadan alone can compare to Lagos, with four million people living in one city. It needs special attention because it is huge, the infrastructure is there, and so many youths are unemployed. I commend the governor, who I think is doing a good job, but it needs federal government intervention to support development.

“If we want to invest in education, there are so many schools and when it comes to medicine is also a center of excellence, people used to visit College of Medicine, Ibadan but today the reverse is the case since people no longer come there. So there is a lot to do here, I feel at home in Ibadan, and I was treated very well in the palace today.”

“The structure is the human being; the number one structure is God; the number two structure is the human being; and you people are my structure because you believe in me and in what I’m saying,” the LP presidential candidate said, refuting claims that he lacked the structure to succeed.

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