Don’t Impose Leaders On National Assembly- NEF Warns Tinubu

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has expressed the opinion that the legislators of the 10th National Assembly should have the autonomy to select their own leaders. During an interview on Channels TV, NEF spokesperson Hakeem Baba-Ahmed stated that President Bola Tinubu should refrain from getting involved in the leadership conflict within the National Assembly, as imposing leaders on the legislators would not be beneficial for him.

According to the NEF spokesperson, the National Assembly should be respected enough to allow its members to independently choose their leaders. As elected representatives, they should be trusted to exercise their judgment in the best interest of the country and the legislature. The NEF strongly believes in the importance of maintaining the independence of the legislature without compromise.

The NEF opposes any arrangement that dictates the selection of leaders to elected representatives, as they are accountable to their constituents, not their parties or external influences. While acknowledging the significance of consulting and respecting party affiliations, the NEF emphasizes that the responsibility of choosing leaders lies solely with the legislators themselves. The party’s involvement in such decisions poses a threat to democracy and goes against constitutional principles.

The NEF’s argument centers on granting legislators the freedom to determine the allocation of positions. Their position does not solely advocate for leadership to be assigned to the North; instead, they assert that other factors should be considered. If the decision-making process is fair and unhindered, the outcome could be in favor of either the North or the South, and the NEF is willing to accept and work with either outcome. Ultimately, the NEF believes that the decision should be made by those who will be led.

Furthermore, the NEF contends that President Bola Tinubu should avoid involving himself in the leadership struggle within the National Assembly as it is not in his best interest to impose leadership. In fact, the NEF suggests that President Tinubu would benefit from distancing himself from the debate over who becomes the Senate President.

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