Thousands Of People Flee Their Flooded Homes After Dam Destroyed in Ukraine

On Wednesday, numerous individuals had to leave their residences as a Russian-controlled dam in Ukraine was destroyed, resulting in the flooding of numerous villages and parts of a nearby city. This event raised concerns about a potential humanitarian crisis. Ukraine and Russia have exchanged accusations regarding the rupture of the Kakhovka dam, with President Vladimir Putin describing it as a “barbaric act” in his initial public response. The breach occurred in southern Ukraine just as Ukrainian forces were preparing to launch an offensive to regain lost territory. In Kherson, downstream from the breached dam, authorities and troops utilized inflatable boats to rescue people from submerged areas, many of whom carried only essential documents or pets. Despite the evacuations, reports indicated that Russian forces continued to shell residential areas. The unexpected disaster left individuals like Nataliya Korzh and Dmitry Melnikov homeless and uncertain about their future. The situation in Kherson was dire, with water reaching waist height in central streets and buildings’ ground floors underwater. In the midst of ongoing blame games, Moscow accused Kyiv of damaging a section of the Togliatti-Odesa pipeline, while Ukrainian officials accused Russian forces of targeting the pipeline. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposed the establishment of an international commission to investigate the extent of the damage. Meanwhile, the British Foreign Secretary expressed London’s reluctance to assign blame until all the facts are available but emphasized Russia’s ultimate responsibility due to its invasion of Ukraine. The evacuation count reached approximately 6,000 people, with around 4,000 on the Russian side and nearly 2,000 on the Ukrainian side. The governor of the Kherson region warned that ongoing shelling was jeopardizing the safety of both rescuers and locals.

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