Social Media Popularity Can’t Override Voice Of Prophecy- Mbaka Taunts Obi

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), delivered a veiled message to Peter Obi, the Labour Party standard bearer, emphasizing that social media popularity cannot override the voice of prophecy.

Mbaka stated that the validation and support from millions of Nigerians on social media cannot invalidate the prophecy and vision he received, which foretold that Obi would not attain the presidency. In a recent video shared on the Church’s Facebook page, the controversial Christian cleric further asserted that the election’s outcome aligned with his prophecy, as God reveals the future through visions rather than social media.

Mbaka conveyed, “If your spiritual gift is not genuine, request the authentic one from God and refrain from fabricating things. When there is a clamor on social media, some individuals may begin to speak, assuming that if millions of people are discussing someone, it means that person will secure the majority of votes. However, this is distinct from prophecy and vision.”

“In a vision, God discloses the future to you, and you witness it vividly. It was incredibly clear. Even during Jonathan’s time, I advised him to heed the Holy Spirit’s instruction, ‘Remove this individual if you want to win the election. Failure to do so will result in your loss, and Buhari will assume power.'”

“People will never comprehend Father Mbaka, and they will commence spewing nonsense on social media. Whether or not you understand me, I will continue speaking out. Social media cannot suppress the voice of prophecy because ultimately, events will unfold according to God’s decree.”

Recall that in June 2022, Mbaka proclaimed that the former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi, would never become Nigeria’s president. He characterized Obi as a stingy individual and stated that unless God ceased to exist, Obi would never ascend to the presidency.

Mbaka expressed, “With the prevailing hunger in the land, how can you desire a stingy man who refuses to share his wealth? Are you willing to starve? Are you all out of your minds? Where is the guidance of the Holy Spirit?”

“Atiku is now seriously vying for the presidency, and he is doing so without Peter Obi. Only now does he appear committed? We require someone who is genuinely dedicated. Unless Peter comes here and humbles himself, if he becomes President, he will shut down this ministry. Our work is of a spiritual nature.”

“Listen, an honorable old man surpasses a wicked young man; as long as God exists, Peter Obi is going nowhere. If the Igbos desire representation, it should not be someone like Peter Obi.”

“I should not have spoken, but I noticed my video circulating everywhere as if Father Mbaka wholeheartedly apologized. No, I did not wholeheartedly apologize; it was done under duress. I had to comply with my Bishop’s instructions because, as a Catholic Priest, I adhere to obedience. I did it because my Bishop said so, my response was ‘Yes, my Lord.'”

“I did not claim that he is a bad person; I referred to him as stingy. A hungry individual seeks someone generous, and although he possesses immense wealth, he is focused on ‘I, me, myself.’ However, that money will not benefit him. I am now contented that I have spoken out. That apology is a detrimental curse against Peter Obi.”

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