Warri: Robinson Appeals To Sheriff To Consider Itsekiris in Key Appointments

A prominent lawyer from Warri, Chief Robinson Ariyo, has called on Governor Sheriff Oborevwori of Delta State to ensure that the Itsekiri community is not overlooked in his favorable appointments. Chief Ariyo expressed his concern about the recent appointments made by the governor, which did not include any Itsekiri individuals. As the Egogo of Warri kingdom, he appealed to Itsekiri leaders to prioritize the overall welfare of the Itsekiri nation.

Chief Ariyo found it troubling that the promised equitable distribution of resources, symbolized by the allegory of “Ukodo,” seemed to exclude a significant ethnic group that contributes significantly to the oil resources of Delta State and the country as a whole. While other ethnic groups have received two or more sensitive appointments, the Itsekiris have not received any.

He emphasized that in every society, there is always a tension between individualistic and communal interests. However, those who consistently prioritize personal interests over communal interests are often not remembered when it comes to prosperity. Chief Ariyo observed that many influential Itsekiris have been sacrificing the community for their own gain, while pretending to be patriots. He stressed the importance of shifting the focus towards what can be done for the community rather than solely pursuing personal interests.

I am particularly disturbed that the allegory “Ukodo” which the Governor assured Delta would be equitably shared appears to have left out a very critical ethnic nationality that contributes a chunk of the oil resources of Delta State and indeed the country. Several sensitive appointments have so far been made and while some ethnic groups already have two or more, the Itsekiris do not have any”.

“In every society there is usually a tension between the individualistic and communal interest but prosperity never forgets those who perpetually sacrifice communal interest for their personal interest. I have observed many influential Itsekiris constantly sacrificing the communal for their personal interests and seek to give the impression that they are patriots; there is nothing that can be more deceitful. We must begin to think more of what we can do for the community than what we can do for ourselves”.

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