IBM Introduces New Al For Businesses

IBM has introduced a new platform called IBM watsonx, which combines artificial intelligence and data capabilities. The purpose of this platform is to assist enterprises in expanding and accelerating the impact of advanced AI using reliable data.

The company claims that its AI model is designed to drive the development of next-generation AI foundation models for businesses. It offers an AI development studio that provides access to carefully curated and trained foundation models, as well as open-source models. Additionally, it provides access to a data store for collecting and refining training and tuning data.

Julia Carvalho, the General Manager of IBM Africa Growth Markets, highlighted that African organizations are already capitalizing on AI opportunities and aiming to enter multiple markets through the African Continental Free Trade Area initiative. Carvalho emphasized the importance of a scalable and trusted AI platform like IBM watsonx in supporting the creation of central trade information portals and cross-border payment infrastructure. These measures would foster inclusive and sustainable development in the region.

Arvind Krishna, the Chairman and CEO of IBM, emphasized that the development of foundation models has significantly enhanced the power of AI for business. He explained that foundation models enable more scalable, affordable, and efficient deployment of AI. IBM watsonx was specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprises, enabling clients to go beyond being mere users and gain a competitive advantage through AI.

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