Kokodiagbene Community Celebrates Rt.Hon. Emomotimi Guwor as Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly

KOKODIAGBENE, DELTA STATE – In a show of solidarity and support, the residents of the Kokodiagbene community in Gbaramatu Kingdom have extended their congratulations to their kinsman, Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor on his recent emergence as the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly. The community members expressed their joy and optimism for the positive impact that Guwor’s leadership will have on their community.

The message of congratulations was made available to Waffi Tv by the chairman of the Kokodiagbene community, Comr. Pedro Bekenawei. In his statement, Comr. Bekenawei highlighted the community’s recognition of Guwor’s exceptional leadership qualities, experience, and dedication to public service.

“We, the members of the Kokodiagbene community, extend our warmest congratulations to Rt. Emomotimi Guwor on his well-deserved position as the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly,” Comr. Bekenawei declared. “His emergence is a testament to his unwavering commitment to public service and his outstanding ability to inspire others.”

Comr. Bekenawei further expressed his confidence that Guwor’s tenure as Speaker would usher in a new era of progress and development for not just Gbaramatu Kingdom but also the entire Delta State. He emphasized that Guwor’s track record of advocating for the interests of his constituents and his dedication to good governance have endeared him to the people of the Kokodiagbene community.

Comr. Bekenawei acknowledged the challenges faced by their community, particularly in terms of infrastructure, education, and healthcare. He expressed hope that with Guwor’s leadership, these issues would receive the necessary attention and resources needed to bring about positive change.

“We believe that under Rt. Emomotimi Guwor’s able leadership, our community’s concerns, and aspirations will be heard and addressed,” Comr. Bekenawei affirmed. “We trust that he will utilize his new position to prioritize the development of our community and the entire Delta State.”

The message from the Kokodiagbene community concluded with a resounding call for unity and support from other communities within Gbaramatu Kingdom, urging them to rally behind Rt. Emomotimi Guwor’s leadership to collectively drive progress and prosperity in the region.

As Rt. Emomotimi Guwor assumes the esteemed position of Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, the congratulations and support from the Kokodiagbene community serve as a testament to the trust and confidence placed in him by his constituents. It is hoped that his tenure will bring about positive transformation and a brighter future for not only Kokodiagbene but the entire Delta State.

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