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Lagos: Man Bags Life Imprisonment For Defiling Three Underage Daughters

In Lagos State, an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court has handed down three life sentences to a 45-year-old businessman named Emeka Orisakwe for sexually assaulting his three young daughters. The victims, aged six, eight, and eight, were subjected to the heinous act. Justice Abiola Soladoye, presiding over the case, declared that the prosecution had successfully proven the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt on all three counts of sexual assault by penetration.

During the trial, the judge denounced Orisakwe’s deceitful tactics, highlighting his false claim that his wife was mentally unstable in an attempt to deny the charges. Justice Soladoye described his actions as wicked and emphasized the unfortunate nature of the situation. She also criticized the defendant’s younger sister, who testified as the first defense witness, for presenting a medical report concerning the mental state of Orisakwe’s wife that did not align with the timing of the incident. The judge discredited the sister’s testimony, deeming it unreliable and tainted by deception, asserting that she had influenced the victims to lie before the court.

Justice Soladoye observed the honesty of the children who came forward to testify and acknowledged that their aunt, with whom they had been staying after the incident, had manipulated them into fabricating falsehoods. The judge found it regrettable that the children later recanted their statements in court after initially disclosing to the Satellite Police Station that their father had violated them with his fingers. She deemed this change of stance as an afterthought and emphasized the detrimental influence exerted on the children by their aunt.

The court firmly rejected the defendant’s and the first defense witness’s attempts to manipulate the situation by producing a medical report on the mental state of Orisakwe’s wife, which was dated after the sexual assault took place. The judge denounced their efforts as a desperate ploy, noting that the medical reports on the victims clearly indicated forceful penetration and bruising. These reports, along with the testimony of a child advocacy agency officer, who stated that one of the victims had witnessed her father fingering her sister, further solidified the case against the defendant.

Consequently, Justice Soladoye found the defendant guilty on all three counts and imposed a sentence of life imprisonment for each count, to be served concurrently. She also ordered that the convict’s name be registered in the sexual offences register maintained by Lagos State, ensuring his identification as a perpetrator of sexual crimes.

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