Chief Amgbaduba Congratulates Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor on Becoming Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly

Chief Emman’ Amgbaduba, the immediate past Commissioner for Oil and Gas in Delta State, has extended his congratulations to Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor on his notable victory as the newly elected Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly. Chief Amgbaduba recognizes this momentous achievement as a clear indication of Guwor’s exceptional leadership qualities.

In a heartfelt message, Chief Amgbaduba expressed his admiration for Guwor’s remarkable journey and applauded his dedication to public service. The immediate past Commissioner emphasized that Guwor’s election as the Speaker serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the betterment of Delta State and its constituents.

Chief Amgbaduba further commended Guwor’s exemplary track record and his significant contributions to the political landscape of Delta State. He highlighted Guwor’s ability to foster unity, inspire trust, and effectively lead his colleagues in the House of Assembly. The former Commissioner believes that Guwor’s ascension to the position of Speaker will undoubtedly bring about positive and progressive developments for the state.

Recognizing the immense responsibility that comes with the role, Chief Amgbaduba expressed confidence in Guwor’s capability to steer the affairs of the Delta State House of Assembly with utmost competence and integrity. He firmly believes that under Guwor’s leadership, the legislative body will witness a period of robust growth and meaningful legislation that will greatly benefit the people of Delta State.

As Chief Amgbaduba concludes his congratulatory message, he assures Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor of his unwavering support and pledges to work hand in hand with the new Speaker to achieve the collective goals and aspirations of Delta State. The immediate past Commissioner for Oil and Gas expressed his optimism for a prosperous future under Guwor’s astute leadership.

Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor’s election as the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly has garnered widespread admiration and congratulations, with Chief Emman’ Amgbaduba leading the way in recognizing this significant achievement. It is evident that Guwor’s leadership qualities and dedication to public service have earned him the respect and support of his colleagues and well-wishers alike.

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