Man Drugged Wife, Filmed 83 Men Raping Her

It is also claimed that the use of tobacco and perfume was prohibited to prevent any strong odors that might awaken the victim.

By Johnson Atoukudu:

A French man stands accused of drugging his wife over a period of ten years and facilitating the rape of his wife by at least 83 men, while she believed these experiences were merely dreams.

Dominique P allegedly utilized an online forum named “à son insu” (meaning “without him/her knowing”) to contact individuals discussing engaging in non-consensual sexual acts with their unwitting partners, often through the use of drugs.

According to the Mirror, the husband purportedly spiked his wife’s evening meals with a potent drug before inviting his guests to their home in Mazan, located in southeastern France, to assault her.

Law enforcement has identified 92 instances of rape perpetrated against the woman by 83 men. Presently, they have apprehended and charged 51 suspects, ranging in age from 26 to 73, who have been remanded in custody.

Allegedly, the men were instructed to wash their hands with hot water to prevent sudden temperature changes, undress in the kitchen to avoid leaving any garments in the bedroom, park near a school, and approach the house under cover of darkness to avoid arousing suspicion among neighbors.

It is also claimed that the use of tobacco and perfume was prohibited to prevent any strong odors that might awaken the victim.

The horrifying assaults, occurring between 2011 and 2020, were recorded and stored on a USB drive in a folder labeled “abuses,” according to the police. Additionally, investigators noted that most of the men returned multiple times.

The Mirror reports that authorities initially became aware of these crimes when they arrested Dominique in 2020 for secretly filming women in a local supermarket’s changing rooms using a hidden camera.

During police interrogation, officers interviewed Dominique’s wife, who described him as a “wonderful man” who was “kind and caring.” However, she mentioned that he had attempted to persuade her to engage in partner-swapping, but she refused, stating that she “disliked being touched without emotional connection.”

The Daily Telegraph states that upon learning about the covert recordings made while she was unconscious, the woman experienced suicidal thoughts and exclaimed, “I was his object.”

The woman also revealed that she frequently experienced fatigue, and subsequent medical examinations confirmed that she had contracted four sexually transmitted diseases. Reportedly, she has filed for divorce.

Her husband reportedly confessed his continued love for his wife to the magistrates, with his lawyer, Béatrice Navarro, asserting that the victim was “his first love, indeed the only love of his life.”

If the magistrates choose to heed the prosecutor’s recommendations, a trial may commence next year.

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