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My Wife And Her Side Guy Join Hand Beat Me Well-Well, Man Tell Court

Im talk say, e don report im wife to her people for her Igbo-Ora village but dem no do anything about am.

By Akpoguma Tejiri:

One man wey dey find divorce, Abayomi Oreyemi, don pray make Mapo Grade A Customary Court for Ibadan dissolve im 22-year-old union with im estranged wife, Basirat, based on say she dey beat am and dey behave anyhow.

Oreyemi, wey be papa of four, talk dis one for im own argument as response to im wife wey talk say im no dey responsible, no get love and dey do domestic violence.

Im talk say, e don report im wife to her people for her Igbo-Ora village but dem no do anything about am.

“For one night around 9.30 p.m., one man wey dem dey call Baba Aliya, wey later I come sabi say na im concubine, carry Basirat come drop for my house with im motor.

“I challenge dem and ask wetin dem dey do together, but Basirat come begin insult me and even tear my cloth.

“The next morning, she carry police come arrest me, but e no be until I explain everything give dem before dem release me from detention.

“Apart from that day, I don see both of them together for my house before, and dem even beat me sake of my curiosity.

“My lord, I no want make she born another pikin for Oreyemi and I prefer make I get custody of my children,” na im beg.

Before before, Basirat, the person wey complain, wey dey work as civil servant, tell the court say her husband never show any sign say he love am or care for am.

She talk say Oreyemi no show her any kind of support when she lose her two parents for different times.

“E simply talk say e no fit afford the transport money to Igbo-Ora.

“As if that one no reach, Oreyemi come dey show im irresponsibility when I born our second pikin, as e no dey around.

“For our first pikin, na my mama pay the hospital bill.

“Worst still, e dey beat my younger sister and I for any small opportunity.

“Again, since our landlord chase us comot from our house, I dey stay with one close friend.

“And since our children start school, Oreyemi never contribute anything for their education, na me dey take care of dem.

“E even break into my room during the last Eid festival when I travel go my village,” na wetin Basirat talk.

She even carry evidence of the spoil door show the court.

Basirat also talk say the marriage no dey valid because Oreyemi never pay the bride price wey im suppose pay her parents.

When the court’s President, Mrs S.M. Akintayo, deliver judgement, she talk say no marriage dey to dissolve because dem no get any evidence of valid marriage.

According to Akintayo, before person fit talk say two people marry, dem suppose pay the bride price, do formal handover of the bride to the husband, and present gifts.

But she come give custody of the four pikin to the person wey complain.

Akintayo come order Oreyemi make e dey pay N25,000 every month for the pikin welfare.

The court president also give order wey stop Oreyemi from threatening, harassing, and interfering with Basirat private life.

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