Relocate To Other Countries- NSCDC To Oil Thieves

……to continue their illicit activities would face his officers.

By Edesemi Ayakpo:

Ahmed Audi, the Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), issued a warning to oil thieves, urging them to depart from the country. He emphasized that those who choose to remain in the country with intentions to continue their illicit activities would face his officers.

Audi mentioned that President Bola Tinubu is firmly committed to combating oil theft, indicating that his officers would make it difficult for oil thieves to operate without consequences. These statements were made by Audi during the Passing Out Parade of Course 10 in Abuja on Monday. He further declared that the NSCDC, under his leadership, would not tolerate any compromise from its personnel in the ongoing battle against oil thieves. Audi instructed his officers to fully engage in apprehending oil thieves and ensure that they face justice.

He said, ” Don’t forget we are the lead agency in the protection of critical assets. We must protect and infrastructure of the nation one of which is the fuel pipelines. We know the stands of the president on oil thefts. There should be no compromise.

“You must dedicate yourself and do your best to reduce and if possible eradicate oil theft. You must arrest oil thieves and those vandalizing our pipelines and we shall get them. We advised them those who want to continue to launch mayhem on our pipelines to relocate to other countries otherwise we will go after them and arrest all of them.”

Audi said, “We now have a Standard of Operations guiding our activities in the service. You will be court-martialed. In that way discipline in the service. This service does not condone accidental discharge.

“If you make a mistake and become trigger-happy then you kill a citizen you will face the wrath of the SOP. Please be careful when you are with your riffle. You are trained to handle a rifle and not to kill unless otherwise. This means you can only kill when you know the person wants to kill you on the battlefield.”

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