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See How Relatives, Neighbour Kill 7-Year-Old Twin Boys For Money Rituals For Delta

Dem don finally discover di remains of di seven-year-old twins wey dem kill sake of money rituals. Dem bury dem for separate shallow graves.

By Vincent Ogaga:

Tragedy strike for Olise Agwunobi family for Oko-Ogbele community inside Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State afta two relatives dem, plus one neighbour, join bodi, kidnap dia twin boys and kill dem.

Dem don finally discover di remains of di seven-year-old twins wey dem kill sake of money rituals. Dem bury dem for separate shallow graves.

Dis tin happen for last Tuesday and e don bring serious sorrow for di family and di whole community dey mourn. Mr. Olise Agwunobi, di papa of di dead twins, talk say im uncle and im cousin join bodi wit im neighbour, kill im two pikin dem sake of money rituals.

E talk say di whole family still dey confuse and dey shock as dem neva fit believe say dis kind tragedy go fit happun.

According to am, e bin come back from work one evening and e no see di twins dem – Chiagozi Agwunobi and Chidelu Agwunobi – sake of say dem no dey comot for house afta school.

E talk say, “Na around 7 pm when dem no return house na e we come realize say something no dey okay.

“So me and my wife come raise alarm to the whole community say we no fit find our pikin-dem. Before that time, we don go meet their school teachers and the families of their schoolmates, and dem confirm say dem don come back house from school.

“So, immediately the community come form search parties to find the pikin-dem, and for four days, everybody been dey find dem,”

E add say one of im neighbors later come tell dem say e see im cousin with the twins but no fit talk where dem carry dem go.

The papa wey dey mourn talk say the people wey kill im pikin later confess say for that day wey d thing happen, dem go the boys’ school to kidnap dem. And when dem no see dem, dem come go their (the Agwunobis) house to wait for dem.

E talk say the people wey dem identify as Chukuwdi Edemuzor, Nwanozie Uzor and Onuwa Ajie na dem be the suspects. According to am, Chukwudi na im cousin, Nwanozie na im uncle and Onuwa na im neighbor.

E give more explanation about the matter, Agwunobi talk say, “Dem go find the pikin for their school but dem no see dem as the pikin don come back. So, dem come my house, deceive the pikin come carry dem go.

“Then dem carry dem go bush, where dem kill dem and carry some parts of their body.”

Another family member wey dem call Chimeize, wey been join the search parties, talk say the killing of the twins don wound their family deep. E add say for this community and the area wey dey around, dem never see this kind thing happen before.

E talk say wen dem hear say one of their neighbors dey with the pikin-dem, “we think say maybe dem don kidnap dem, no sabi say we dey find bigger surprise”.

“So, dem kill the two boys, collect their parts, come run comot from the community,” e talk.

Chimeize continue talk, “As we dey find dem, dey think say dem don kidnap dem, one of our neighbors come tell us say e see im brother wen e dey with the pikin-dem. Na the younger brother of one of those wey kill d children naim tell us the secret say e see im brother with the twins. So, as we dey find dem, we think say na kidnapping until four days later, when one of those wey kill the pikin-dem, family brother (cousin) call us come talk say dem don kill the twins and dem keep their bodies for one particular place.

“Na that time, the community come announce say everybody make dem enter bush dey find their bodies. We no waka far for bush when we see grave where dem bury one of the twins. We call am back come ask am about the other twin. Na him come show us another place where dem keep the other twin.

“At that point, we call police and dem come carry the bodies go.”

“We believe say na the spirit of the pikin-dem naim dey haunt am, naim make am tell the family where dem kill and dump their bodies.

“The leader of the people wey do the ritual na Chukwudi Edemuzor and na am we still dey find. The person wey give us the information, Nwanozie Uzor and Onuwa Ajie, dem don arrest dem,” e add.

Chimeize talk say the suspects confess say dem kill the twins for money rituals.

“Dem talk say dem want make money and riches,” e talk, e obvious say e dey pain am as e talk.

Di two wey dem arrest don tell di community say dia leader na Chukwudi Edemuzor and say na him send dem to carry two male pikin wey get dreadlocks for money rituals and na so dem come carry di pikin because dem get dreadlocks,” he add.

E dey note say dem don recover di remains of di twin boys wey die and dem don keep am for mortuary, Chimeize come talk say di pipo wey kill dem “cut off dia tongues, hair, one finger each from di boys and come comot one eye each.”

“Also, where dem dump dia bodi, dem leave N40, maybe na part of di rituals but di police don collect di money,” he yan.

E yan say di family later hear say di suspects don dey tell dia friends and odas say before December 2023, dem go dey very rich wey go dey smell.


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