Spencer O. Okpoye Assures Ijaw Oil Communities of Commitment to Development and Empowerment

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By: Paul Edisemi

In a recent address to the members of the Ijaw Ethnic nationality, Hon. Spencer Okubo Okpoye, Commissioner representing the Ijaw oil-bearing communities on the board of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC), expressed his pride and sense of responsibility in shaping the future of their communities.

Speaking passionately, Hon. Okpoye stated, “I am honored to be entrusted with this significant role in shaping the future of our oil-bearing communities. I am fully committed to advocating for the development and empowerment of our Ijaw communities through DESOPADEC.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced in the past, Hon. Okpoye highlighted the collective strength, resilience, and determination of the Ijaw people, emphasizing their ability to overcome obstacles and strive for a brighter future. He remarked, “Despite some of we may have faced as a people challenges, I firmly believe that our collective strength, resilience, and determination will propel us forward toward a brighter future.”

DESOPADEC, the platform through which this progress will be achieved, aims to reinvest the resources generated from the oil-rich lands into vital sectors such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic empowerment. Hon. Okpoye affirmed, “Through DESOPADEC, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the resources generated from our oil-rich lands are reinvested in our communities, focusing on education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic empowerment.”

Highlighting the importance of community involvement, Hon. Okpoye called upon fellow Ijaw brothers and sisters to contribute actively to the cause. He stated, “I urge you, my fellow Ijaw brothers and sisters, to join hands with me in this noble cause. Let us come together as a united front, contributing our ideas, expertise, and voices to shape the initiatives and programs of DESOPADEC.”

The Commissioner assured the community that their concerns, aspirations, and dreams would be prioritized, stating, “Your concerns, aspirations, and dreams will be at the forefront of my agenda. I will tirelessly advocate for our community’s needs, ensuring that they are heard, acknowledged, and addressed.”

In closing, Hon. Okpoye expressed his excitement and humility in serving the Ijaw community, promising to fulfill the trust placed in him. He concluded, “Together, we can create a legacy of progress, unity, and empowerment for our Ijaw community.”

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