Bayelsa 2023: Eradiri, LP Gov Candidate, Unveils Ambitious Manifesto

Eradiri, who previously served as a commissioner for youths and later for the environment in the state, highlighted the irony…..

By Nengi Champion, Yenagoa

Mr. Udengs Eradiri, the candidate representing the Labour Party in the upcoming November 11 governorship election in Bayelsa, has introduced his manifesto titled “People, Education, Agriculture, and Power” in Yenagoa.

Addressing the press at his campaign headquarters in Yenagoa on Thursday, the 47-year-old engineer expressed his motivation to enter the governorship race. He stated that he felt compelled to address the severe neglect of Bayelsa’s developmental needs, considering that the state earns one of the highest revenues but ranks as the second poorest in the federation.

Eradiri, who previously served as a commissioner for youths and later for the environment in the state, highlighted the irony and contradiction of Bayelsa’s development index not aligning with its monthly revenue from the federation account.

“I am driven by the passion to transform the state of Bayelsa and make life more meaningful for the people whose level of poverty is alarming and glaring due to the neglect of governance by the political class.

“When you compare Bayelsa to Ebonyi and Gombe States created the same day and with less than 10 per cent of the monthly revenue that accrues to Bayelsa, you will be amazed and ask why Bayelsa is so backward.

“So I do not want to be part of those complaining and that is why I joined the race on the platform of Labour Party to offer my services and youthful energy in a social contract with the people in our PEAP manifesto.

“Even though I am young, I have garnered adequate experience and developed myself enough to govern and improve the living conditions of the people by efficiently deploying public funds that accrue to Bayelsa.

“I trained as a Production Engineer and have a thriving engineering services firm with over 40 staff. I have served as Commissioner in Bayelsa in addition to being a former Secretary and President of Ijaw Youths Council,” Eradiri said.

The LP candidate highlighted his previous role as Special Assistant on Youth Matters to the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, which further equipped him for the governorship position.

In his PEAP manifesto, he stated that with the commencement of campaigns according to the Independent National Electoral Commission’s timetable, he intends to take the program directly to the people in the coming days.

Eradiri made a commitment to provide essential social amenities, such as healthcare and education, while emphasizing the importance of human capacity development. He also pledged to prioritize infrastructure and job opportunities.

Regarding agriculture, he emphasized the state’s potential in fisheries, rice cultivation, sugarcane, and other crops, where Bayelsa possesses comparative advantages. He aimed to harness these resources to provide raw materials for industries and facilitate their exportation.

Eradiri further promised to leverage the recent inclusion of power generation in the concurrent legislative list. If elected, he would utilize the abundant gas deposits across the state for industries and power generation.

Additionally, he expressed his intention to capitalize on the ongoing road construction in various communities to generate economic benefits by encouraging businesses along the road corridor.

Eradiri expressed optimism that the youth and impoverished people of Bayelsa would embrace his manifesto and vote overwhelmingly to secure his victory in the election. He emphasized that the people are weary of the old ways of doing things.

He cited the outcome of the recent general election as evidence that the power of the people can dismantle established structures, but he urged INEC to ensure a level playing field for all political parties in the upcoming poll.

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