Guber Polls: PDP Optimistic About Victory In Imo, Kogi, And Bayelsa

As a former vice chairman (South) of the PDP, Ogidi emphasized that the party is the frontrunner in these three states.

By Johnson Atoukudu:

Chief Emmanuel Ogidi, a prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), expressed confidence in the party’s ability to emerge victorious in the upcoming governorship elections on November 11 in Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi states.

As a former vice chairman (South) of the PDP, Ogidi emphasized that the party is the frontrunner in these three states.

He highlighted that the PDP and its candidates have already garnered significant acceptance and support from the majority of the people in those regions.

Ogidi further stated that the party is actively working towards reconciling any internal conflicts or disagreements among its members in the aforementioned states.

He emphasized the importance of unity within the party, as it would enable them to collaborate effectively and mobilize for a successful electoral outcome.

“We have the confident of victory in the elections and that is why we want to quickly talk to one another and reconcile all grievances so that it does not affect our chances,” Ogidi said.

Regarding the ongoing petition by the party concerning the 2023 general election at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT), he expressed optimism that the PDP would receive a favorable outcome.

“The judges must know that whatever one sows today, he reap tomorrow. They should do things according to their hearts,’’ he said

Ogidi stated that despite speculations suggesting that the PDP might not survive if the judiciary’s decision regarding the presidential election is unfavorable, he firmly believes that the party will continue to thrive as a dynamic political entity.

“We are going to bounce back. We have more than 60 members in the House of Reps, 36 senators, over 300 state lawmakers. We are big. There is hope.”

While acknowledging the current challenges faced by the PDP, Ogidi reassured that the party possesses internal mechanisms capable of effectively resolving any issues it encounters.

“There is no family without problem, but we have our own in-built machinery to deal with things like that.

“That is why we recently had a select meeting of National Working Committee to proffer the way forward.”

He emphasized that although the PDP was not originally structured to function as an opposition party, it must adapt and embrace its current role as circumstances have placed it in that position.

“One of our setbacks is that when you look at some of the principal persons in All the Progressives Congress (APC) they were previously in the PDP,’’ Ogidi said.

Regarding the request to suspend party members who have been accused of working against the PDP in the 2023 general election, Ogidi assured that the party would ensure a fair hearing for all individuals involved in the allegations.

“You need to give them a fair hearing that is why we are contemplating setting up committees to visit each state and find out what happened and the reasons members acted the way they did.

“Some of them may have genuine reason. If you have genuine reason we can reconcile,” Ogidi said.

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