Poverty Reduction Key to Enhancing National Security- Ukodhiko

During an appearance on “The Gavel” program on Channels Television, Ukodhiko emphasized

By Emmanuel Ike

Hon Jonathan Ukodhiko, the Member representing Isoko North/South Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, expressed the view that enhancing the nation’s security infrastructure would be facilitated by successfully combating poverty.

During an appearance on “The Gavel” program on Channels Television, Ukodhiko emphasized his commitment to implementing initiatives aimed at reducing poverty within his constituency as their representative in the National Assembly. He noted that ensuring the safety of farmers would instill confidence in them to engage in agricultural activities, leading to improved food production and subsequently reducing insecurity to a significant extent for their families.

According to him, “One of the problems we are having is the high rate of poverty which is caused by high rate of unemployment.

“We have so many graduates that are without jobs and so many children out of school without jobs despite having oil producing companies operating all over the place but they don’t give them jobs.

“They employ people from other places and at the end of the day the people live in poverty because the people are not conversant with how to generate wealth.

“So as the people’s representative, we will come out with programmes on wealth creation and as an agrarian community we will provide improved seedlings and support the average farmers with high yield cassava stems for them.

“We will also collaborate with security agencies to provide security for the farmers because if the farmers are not guaranteed their security they will not be able to go to the farm.

“Once we are able to provide them with security we will be able to reduce poverty in our communities and when you reduce poverty, you will improve security,” he said.

The member of the federal legislature affirmed his intention to remain actively engaged with his constituents by frequently returning to his hometown rather than staying exclusively in Abuja. His objective is to personally address the issues faced by the people he represents and offer effective solutions to their challenges.

“We are not going to operate like lawmakers based in Abuja every time. We are going to be going home from time to time to engage with our people to interface with them and know what their needs are.

“Isoko is an ethnic group that is one of the highest onshore oil producing area in this country and based on that we will engage them through townhall meetings from community to community.

“It is easier for us to carryout because the communities are made up of clans so we will engage them on clan-basis.

“We will engage them through various stakeholders like the Presidents-General, community leaders, church leaders and the opinion leaders,” Ukodhiko stated.

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