Surgeons Remove 3ft Python-Shaped Poo From Constipated Woman

A woman has potentially set a record for passing the largest stool ever recorded. Surgeons were shocked when they removed an enormous fecal mass from a 53-year-old patient named Hua, who had been dealing with severe constipation for years. Hua sought help at Zhejiang University First Hospital in eastern China and pleaded with doctors to assist her in relieving the discomfort caused by her bloated stomach.

Her condition had left her bedridden due to the intense pain. After experiencing this distressing situation for a period of 10 days, Hua’s constipation became a medical emergency that couldn’t be resolved with typical treatments.

As per information from local sources, her abdomen had swollen to the point where she resembled a pregnant woman when she arrived at the hospital. The substantial mass inside her body had caused internal pressure, resulting in difficulties in breathing.

Close family members were able to sense the presence of solid feces in her abdomen when they touched it, prompting them to encourage her to seek immediate medical assistance.

After the colossal stool was finally extracted, medical professionals discovered that a portion of it was approximately the size of a football. Her liver, stomach, small intestine, and other organs had all experienced pressure from her distended intestines. Subsequently, doctors identified her with a congenital condition known as Hirschsprung’s disease, which results from the underdevelopment of intestinal nerve cells. This condition leads to a sluggish movement of feces through the intestines, sometimes causing blockages.

The immense excrement that was ultimately removed had solidified due to her body’s processes and weighed around 44 lbs or 20 kilograms. Hospital records indicate that surgeons likened its appearance to that of a three-foot-long python. However, Hua is now reported to be on a path to recovery.


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