Children Trapped In Cable Car Dangling Over Pakistan Ravine

On Tuesday, a cable car incident unfolded in Pakistan’s remote, mountainous region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where six children and two adults found themselves suspended high above a deep valley.

They were attempting to reach school via the chairlift when a cable snapped at an altitude of approximately 1,200 feet, leaving them stranded. Nearby, a military helicopter maintained a vigilant presence.

“For God’s sake help us,” Gulfraz, a man stuck in the cable car, told Pakistan television channel Geo News by phone, confirming eight people were on board.

“It has been nearly five hours since we are stuck mid-air. The situation is so bad that one man has already fainted. A helicopter arrived, but left without conducting any operations.”

At approximately 7:00 am local time, the incident occurred, prompting local residents to utilize mosque loudspeakers to notify authorities throughout the Allai valley.

Concerned crowds have assembled on either side of the ravine, which is located hours away from the closest major town.

“The cable car is suspended by a single rope. There are a minimum of eight occupants primarily consisting of schoolchildren,” Abdul Basit Khan, a senior official for the provincial rescue agency, told AFP.

Television broadcasts displayed visuals of a Pakistan Army helicopter circling in the vicinity of the cable car suspended over a deep ravine, enveloped by the vibrant green mountains.

“The cable car is stuck in a place where it is almost impossible to help without a helicopter,” Zulfiqar Khan, an official with Pakistan’s 1122 rescue service, told AFP.

Headmaster Ali Asghar Khan conveyed to AFP via telephone that the youngsters involved were adolescent boys and attendees of his government high school, Battangi Pashto.

“The school is located in a mountainous area and there are no safe crossings, so it’s common to use the chairlift,” Khan said.

“The parents are gathered at the site of the chairlift. What can they do? They are waiting for the rescue officials to get their children out. We are all worried.”


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