Reps To Get N54bn For Constituency Projects

In the 10th Assembly, members of the House of Representatives will receive a total of N54 billion for their constituency projects, with each member being allocated N150 million. These constituency allowances are viewed as a means for lawmakers to directly benefit their respective constituencies, as stated by an anonymous lawmaker.

In Nigeria, constituency or zonal intervention projects pertain to development initiatives located within the constituencies of state Houses of Assembly members, House of Representatives members, or Senators. These projects are funded through various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, often bearing banners crediting the lawmaker for their implementation. Lawmakers’ salaries and allowances have historically stirred controversy due to their secretive nature.

In the ninth assembly, House of Reps members received N100 million each, while Red Chamber lawmakers received N200 million for their constituency projects.

Despite challenges and the call for patience during tough times under President Bola Tinubu’s administration, lawmakers’ constituency allowances have now increased by N50 million.

The lawmaker said, “In the House of Reps, our constituency allowance is N150m. This is the only opportunity we have to help our constituencies with one or more projects.

“We usually don’t have power over the real projects. So, this is often like palliative for us to give back to our constituencies. Many of us often use our money to do all the projects that we do for our constituencies.

“And this year, we are getting N150m in the House of Reps; I don’t know how much they will get at the Senate.”


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