Senate To Probe 10,000 Abandoned Projects

Senator Kamorudeen Lere Oyewumi, Nigeria’s Deputy Minority Leader in the Senate, disclosed that the Senate has discovered over 10,000 government projects abandoned at different stages throughout the country.

Oyewumi mentioned that the Senate has approved a comprehensive investigation into these abandoned projects, with the goal of reviving them if necessary for the country’s improvement.

During a conversation with reporters, Senator Oyewumi clarified that the investigation aims to assess the feasibility of these projects, determine the reasons for their abandonment, and ascertain the financial commitments made to them. He noted that experts from various fields have been assembled to evaluate the projects’ potential benefits and estimate the cost of revitalizing them during the current administration, thereby preventing their original purposes from being thwarted.

Furthermore, Senator Oyewumi indicated that efforts would be made to identify and encourage the contractors responsible for abandoning these projects to return to their respective sites. In cases where individuals are found to have violated the law, they will be handed over to anti-corruption agencies for appropriate action.

Senator Oyewumi expressed his concern about the increasing and intolerable instances of project abandonment and emphasized that the present administration is determined to take decisive measures to minimize this national embarrassment.

“Having completed the ‘committee assignment’ process and senators assigned to committees, they have gotten off to a good start by focusing on cases of abandoned projects.

“Members of the 10th Senate have been assigned to various committees. The senate is in recess and we would be returning on September 25th to start legislative activities with a fresh vigour. I want to tell you something. We have nicknamed the 10th senate as a corrective senate.

“Before we came up with this, it was as a result of so many observations and brainstorming. Most of the people that are in the 10th Senate have gotten elected for the 3rd term, 4th term. They were part of past administrations. So, we have seen things that are wrong and if we see that something is wrong, we have to change the way we do it.

“If not, we will keep on getting the same bad result. If we ourselves have christened the 10th senate as a corrective senate, it has to be made known that what to expect from us will be different from what you have been seeing before.

“Let me just give you one hint, we discovered that across the country, there are more than 10,000 abandoned projects.

“These are projects that have gone through all the required processes and it is assumed in the reckoning of the government that these have been delivered to the people of the communities in question.

“But, alas, when you get there, nothing has been done”, the Senator said and appealed for maximum cooperation of Nigerians to enable the Senate achieve the set goals.


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