Labour Strike: Financial Institutions Receive Shutdown Notice

The National Union of Banks, Insurance, and Financial Institutions Employees has notified all financial institutions about their intention to cease operations due to the upcoming indefinite strike organized by the National Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

DAILY POST has reported that the NLC and TUC have jointly decided to halt the country’s economic activities starting from October 3, citing the federal government’s failure to provide relief measures to counteract the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

Despite various efforts by the government to prevent the impending indefinite strike, the organized labor remains steadfast in its demand, asserting that they will not retreat until their requests are met.

The NLC and TUC have accused the government of neglecting the hardships faced by Nigerian workers caused by the removal of the subsidy.

In preparation for the impending strike, the National Union of Banks, Insurance, and Financial Institutions Employees, through a circular signed by its General Secretary, Mohammed I. Sheikh, has called upon all financial institutions to adhere to the instructions of the organized labor. Mohammed expressed his dismay over the government’s inability to resolve the nation’s economic crisis and alleged that the government is attempting to intimidate and silence the workers.

The circular reads partly, “Indeed, the federal government has this far, shown no inclination to amicable resolution of the socio-economic issues that require urgent attention.

“Unfortunately, it appears to be preparing to act like a wild-bull-in-a-China shop, ready to intimidate, and silence the legitimate cries of a pauperized citizenry.

“The organized labour movement and other civil society organization has onerous responsibility to ensure workers and the citizenry as a whole are protected against any adverse policies of the government at all times and it is in this regard that the current action has become inevitable.

“Consequently, all Management of Banks, Insurance, and other financial institutions are strongly advised not to inhibit in any way of form, their workers from actively participating/complying with the directive of the two congresses.

“Monitoring team will move around to ensure compliance, so be guided accordingly”.


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