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Why look at my nails to decide if I am dirty or clean: Can my nails truly tell?


Ifeoma Ugwuoke

It has become a common practice to assess one’s personal hygiene through their nails, especially among the more elegant individuals. It is nearly impossible for most hands-on individuals to keep their nails consistently clean round the clock. When it comes to aesthetics, beautifully manicured nails are undeniably appealing. From childhood to adulthood, proper nail care is a lifelong endeavor. However, at some point, the colour of one’s nails may change due to infection or various other factors.

Nails can become soiled even after cleaning; when we scratch our skin, dead cells can accumulate beneath the surface, forming dirt. In some cases, even washing bitter leaf can lead to temporary nail discolouration, and fungal infections caused by artificial nail application can have the same effect or even cause damage to the nails.

Cleaning the nails is easier than maintaining their cleanliness. The question is, how can you ensure your nails remain healthy and clean? Regularly wash your hands, and when doing so, remember to gently scrub your nails against the palms of your hands. Keeping your nails groomed will make it easier to remove dirt with your fingers when a specialized tool for nail cleaning is not available. This doesn’t mean longer nails are superior to short ones; shorter nails are easier to maintain and less prone to accidents.

It’s essential to acknowledge that not everyone has constant access to water and soap around the clock. Therefore, using one’s nails as a sole indicator of personal hygiene might not be entirely accurate. Did you know that nail polishing and glue can create the illusion of clean and neat nails? It’s almost impossible to avoid getting dirt under your nails unless you use your fingers solely for operating digital devices.

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