Estonia Opens Work Visa For Foreign Workers In Healthcare, Tech, Others

Estonia, in 2024, has introduced work visas targeting foreign skilled workers in 23 sought-after professions spanning healthcare, dentistry, agriculture, and engineering.

Recognized for its efficient visa application process and high acceptance rates, Estonia emerges as an accessible option for skilled professionals seeking global opportunities. Its unique appeal is underscored by a comparatively lower volume of visa applications compared to other countries worldwide.

Statistics Estonia reports a decrease of 8.7% in job vacancies to 12,040, yet Estonia faces ongoing challenges in addressing workforce shortages across diverse sectors, notably in healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, and technology.

The scarcity of labor is notably acute in several sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, and technology.

The latest openings feature 23 high-demand jobs for foreign skilled workers, encompassing roles like wood treaters, medical specialists, refuse sorters, physiotherapists, pharmacists, machine operators, nursing professionals, farm operators, and more.

Additionally, the country seeks professionals in fields such as metal production, logistics, fishery, ICT, hunting, and healthcare assistance, highlighting the competitive nature of these positions. Salaries vary across these professions, yet Estonia’s reputation for affordability stands out, offering relatively lower living costs compared to many European neighbors. The cost of living in Estonia is influenced by factors like accommodation preferences, lifestyle choices, and spending habits.


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