I Found Mohbad’s Body Embalmed By Staircase- Father

Joseph Aloba, father of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, widely recognized as MohBad, disclosed that upon his arrival at his son’s residence on the day of his death, he found the body already embalmed and positioned by the staircase.

Aloba urges the police to intensify the investigation into his son’s demise and shares that the local embalming took place where he discovered the body.

He said, “When I got to my son’s house, I met a very large number of people as if a special event was going on, I didn’t even pay any attention to the crowd I saw in the house. I went straight into his apartment after seeing lots of people in the house, I knew something had happened to me, even as no one told me anything.

“I went straight upstairs to his room where we used to talk as father and son, I saw no one in that room but a duvet-cloth that was stained with much blood, if not God that has never put me to shame, he made Mohbad’s aunt to also see the cloth and she was able to come public and affirm to that horrible scene.

“All these never signify to my mind that my son was no more and while I left the room, my attention was called to where my son, Mohbad, was laid by the staircase lifeless after he had been cleaned up, dressed and embalmed locally blocking his nostrils and ears with heavy cotton wool.

“It was after seeing the lifeless body of my son Mohbad, that I started looking around to see different faces including Mohbad’s lawyer. There I was then asked what I wanted to do with the body while standing like a fresh madman.”

Advocating for an investigation into individuals accompanying the deceased within the last 72 to 48 hours before his passing, he emphasized that exploring other avenues would merely skim the surface of the issue.

Additionally, he conveyed his disappointment with government authorities for not taking prompt action when the incident unfolded, noting that the deceased’s residence should have been promptly secured as a crime scene after his demise.

He added, “The death of Mohbad happened in his house, he died at home and looking elsewhere if the first point of concentration is not the house could be that we are just addressing such an important issue on the peripheral.

“I expected everyone in that house to be thoroughly questioned to get to the root of the matter, even if Mohbad’s mother has been manipulated to believing a wrong narrative, everyone that was with Mohbad 48 to 72 hours before his death must be investigated, to the extent that the house should have been cordoned as the crime scene and thorough investigation should have taken place immediately Mohbad’s death was made public.

“But to my utmost disappointment, the state government did nothing when the matter was fresh, and the Nigeria Police also did nothing, until the public rose to ask that they needed to know the cause of Mohbad’s death.

“I hereby use this opportunity to call on the government, the Nigeria Police, all human rights activists and the general public to please get more serious in unravelling the cause of Mohbad’s death and the perpetrator(s) be brought to book so that Nigerians, within, in diaspora and the entire world can have renewed trust and confidence in the Nigerian system.”

MohBad passed away on September 12 at 27 years old, triggering controversies on social media regarding the circumstances of his death.


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