NiMet Forecasts 3-Day Dust Haze Nationwide

NiMet forecasts dust haze across Nigeria from Wednesday to Friday, anticipating moderate dust haze with a 2km to 5km visibility range over the north on Wednesday. The outlook also predicts dust haze over the North Central and Inland South, along with patches of cloud in a hazy atmosphere over coastal cities throughout the forecast period.

“On Thursday, moderate dust haze with a horizontal visibility range of 2km to 5km and localised horizontal visibility of less than or equal to 1,000 metres is anticipated over the North throughout the forecast period.

“Moderate dust haze with horizontal visibility range of 2km to 5km is anticipated over the North Central and the Inland of the South.

“Hazy atmosphere with few patches of cloud is expected over parts of the coastal region of the country throughout the forecast period,” it said.

NiMet predicts a dense dust haze over the northern region on Friday, persisting throughout the forecast period. The forecast includes an expectation of moderate dust haze with a visibility range of 2km to 5km over the North Central region and the Inland South.

“The coastal belt of the country is anticipated to be in a hazy atmosphere with few clouds throughout the forecast period.”

NiMeT warned, “Dust particles are in suspension; use a face mask where possible. People with respiratory issues should be cautious of the present weather situation.

“Children and the elderly should wear warm clothing at night. Special attention should be paid to your skin, eyes, and lips. Moisturise your skin and lips as much as possible.”


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