Pastor Adeboye Reveals Secret Of His Sound Health

Days after responding to his detractors, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, delved deeper into the factors behind his health and success in his ministry.

Addressing congregants at the church’s monthly Thanksgiving service at its national headquarters in Ebute-Meta, Lagos, themed “Renewed Like The Eagle,” the 82-year-old preacher disclosed that his consistent connection to God through fasting, prayer, obedience to divine instructions, and a lifestyle of holiness have been pivotal to his well-being.

Narrating his story, Adeboye said: “As long as you are connected to the socket of the Most High, the enemy cannot touch you. Every day you will be looking younger, feeling stronger.

“A friend of mine called me at the beginning of this year and asked me, ‘Friend, how are you doing it’? I said doing what? He replied that at over age 80, I am still running up and down as if I am a small boy. I said if I tell him the secret will he believe me? Stay connected to the One who never tires, who never grows old, The One who is always there, the One who does not sleep nor slumber. Remain connected to Him and His Power would flow through you, renewing you strength from day to day.

Continuing: “Not too long ago I travelled to one nation and as it used to be my custom, I decided to go for a walk in the morning and two of my sons decided to walk with me and said okay. After sometime I looked back and I wonder where are these boys? I have left them far behind. When I was returning, I met them on the way and I asked what happened, they said they did not know I am going that far. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

“We are not just talking about being strong physically alone but it includes being strong mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

“I was telling someone what happened to me in 1951 he said how do I remember all these things, remember that those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. All you need to do is remain connected to the source of the Almighty God.

“Samson was so anointed by God that he singlehandedly killed thousands but when he disconnected himself from God, the enemies dealt with him.

“When you plug water heater to its socket, as long as water heater remains connected to the power source and put inside water, it is the water that will be boiling, and the heater would remain hot. But if you unplug this same heater and put it in water, the water would become cold including the heater.”

“Scientists have discovered that you can renew your age by fasting, it has a very great advantage to make you look younger after the fast. Researchers conducted an experiment years ago, they caught two set of mice, separate them. Give one set food once in two day and feed the other one very well. I can’t remember for how many months they did that but they injected rat poison into both sets of rat, before evening all the rats that were feed fat had died. Seven days later, the only sign they saw on the rats that have been fasting was that there was yellow colour on their tail. When you hear people protesting that I asked you to fast regularly, just smile, it looks as if this old man knew what he is doing.”


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