About Waffi TV

Waffi TV is a For-Profit Television and News Corporation.

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Having begun operations on the 27th of December 2016, Waffi Tv has brought non-stop news from Warri and its environs. Also, major events have been covered exclusively by Waffi Tv. Waffi Tv’s comedy skits have as well, made rounds on social media.

As is the case with any business, there have been challenges along the road, technically and otherwise, but through determination and the sheer passion for bringing the news and happenings in the town of Warri at your doorstep, Waffi Tv has not relented in tackling those challenges.


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Waffi TV is an internet (mobile) based TV station that provides extensive coverage of the most popular programs, consisting primarily of news, entertainment, religion, politics, environment, health, fashion, etc.


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Waffi TV aims to bring prompt and engaging news, entertainment, sports, business, legal, and technology information to your doorstep through timely delivery on web, social, and messenger platforms, and as well, bring you gripping television programming on the Waffi TV internet stations, from the city of Warri to the world.


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WAFFI TV is an internet (mobile) TV service providing and news reporting and disseminating outfit. Waffi TV provides news services on Waffi Tv’s website, Waffi tv, social media and social messenger platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IGTv, Youtube, Google+, and Whatsapp). Waffi Tv organizes and promotes paid advertisements for events, campaigns, and affiliated company products. Waffi Tv operates physically in the Warri Metropolis, and brings premium news about goings on in Warri, first, then the rest of the world.


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Keen Eye for Details and Truth in Reporting


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Waffi TV reports live news and events from and around the Warri Metropolis. The Waffi TV remote news team locates areas of interest with developing news and covers the event. The news team as well as covers events holding in and around Warri, either by locating these events or as a liaised contract with the event organizers.

Waffi Tv also reports news from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, and the world at large on Waffi TV’s website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, IGTv, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, and Youtube). In addition to news, Waffi Tv also publishes on these platforms editorials, opinion pieces, advertisement, clips and snapshots of events covered, entertainment pieces (music, movies, video skits, comedy), business pieces, pieces on agriculture, law, religion, health, the environment, fashion, politics, technology, culture, cuisine, education, art, science, agriculture, and weather reports. These publications appear in text, audio, video, image, slideshow, GIF, and poll formats.

Waffi Tv runs 24-hours internet-based television stations, hosted on its proprietary WAFFI TV application on GooglePlay, where video and audio-visual news covered by Waffi Tv, reported from affiliated sources, and as well video and audio-visual pieces on entertainment (music, movies, video skits, comedy), in business, agriculture, law, religion, health, the environment, politics, fashion, science, technology, culture, cuisine, education, art, agriculture, weather reports, public-affairs programs (hosted by Waffi Tv or optioned to Waffi Tv) and in-studio programs are run on pre-determined schedules.

Waffi Tv advertises Waffi TV’s business and Waffi TV’s campaigns on the Waffi Tv channels, the web, and on social media. Waffi Tv also receives offers from persons or institutions wishing to advertise and promote their businesses, events, campaigns or programmes on Waffi TV’s platforms as commercials at stated fees, decided by metrics that determine the volumes of views (eyes), engagements, time slots, and impressions the individual or institution offering can afford.

Waffi Tv partners with other news and television outfits wishing to share the airing rights of any programming package for television at rates agreed on between Waffi Tv and the partnering outfit.


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  1. Full participation by all staff.
  2. Full transparency between member staff of Waffi Tv, and between Waffi Tv and Waffi TV’s partners.
  3. Alertness to events in immediate environment, no matter how big or small.
  4. Unfettered dedication to truth, fairness and lack of bias in researching, composing, and delivering news.
  5. Incorruptibility in business transactions.
  6. Utilisation of the full human rights to freedom of speech.
  7. Absolute avoidance of finger-pointing or personality-shaming through reported news.
  8. Be human; In reporting news, and news-related content, empathize, smile, cry, and feel with the affected.
  9. Unrelenting pursuit of new knowledge.
  10. Undying desire for growth.


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  1. Producing prompt news reports and content on the goings-on in the Warri Metropolis first, then Delta State, then Nigeria, and then the world, engaging audiences with these news.
  2. Covering events that go on in the Warri Metropolis, then Delta State, then Nigeria, and then the world, thus being an assured driver of the spirits of these events, first to the citizens of Warri, then to the outside world.
  3. Bringing optimum programming of in-studio or public-affairs shows that touch the very core of the lives of citizens of Warri, and then the rest of the world.
  4. Calculated paid advertising and promotions of goods and services of affiliates.
  5. Bringing to limelight unsullied truths of events and propagating them through smart agenda-setting.


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The departments in Waffi TV are:

  1. General Administrative Department
  2. Sales Department
  3. Programming Department
  4. Production Department
  5. News Department
  6. Advertising and Promotions Department
  7. Engineering Department

Staffing Per Department:

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  1. The General Manager (GM/CEO)
  2. The Finance Manager
  3. The Business Manager
  4. Accountants
  5. Event Planner/Scheduler and assistants
  6. Liaisons Officer and assistants (consults)
  7. Director of Advertising
  8. Director of Programming
  9. Director of Productions (also Production Manager)
  10. Director of Sales (also General Sales Manager)
  11. Director of News
  12. Director of Engineering (also Chief Engineer)
  13. Office Secretaries
  14. Office Clerks
  15. Human Resources Manager


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  1. The General Sales Manager (also Director of Sales)
  2. The Regional/Local Sales Manager
  3. The Traffic Manager and assistants
  4. Account Executives
  5. Office Secretaries
  6. Office Clerks


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  1. Director of Programming
  2. Videotape Librarian
  3. Ratings Researcher and Assistants
  4. Acquisitions Staff
  5. Continuity Standards Staff
  6. On-Camera Personnel
  7. Office Secretaries and Clerks


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  1. Production Manager (also Director of Productions)
  2. Producers
    1. Video Editors
    2. Graphics Designers
    3. Sound Editors
    4. Text Editors
    5. Web Designers
    6. Website Manager
    7. Mobile App Designer
    8. Mobile App Manager
  3. News Distributors:
    1. Internet News Distributor
    2. Facebook News Distributor
    3. Instagram News Distributor
    4. IGTv News Distributor
    5. Youtube News Distributor
    6. Google+ News Distributor
    7. Twitter News Distributor
    8. LinkedIn News Distributor
    9. Soundcloud News Distributor
    10. Pinterest News Distributor
    11. Whatsapp News Distributor
  4. Studio Crew:
    1. Camera Man
    2. Photographers
    3. Audioboard Operators
    4. TelePrompTer Operator
    5. Video Switcher
    6. Character Generator
  5. Remote Crew:
    1. EFP (Electronic Field Production) Camera men
    2. Remote Photographers
    3. Remote Audioboard Operator
  6. Office Secretaries
  7. Office Clerks


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  1. Director of News
  2. Assignment Editor
  3. Copy Editor and assistants
  4. News Anchors (for Movies, Music, Politics, Fashion, Legal, Religion, Technology, Culture, Cuisine, Education, Art, Science, Agriculture).
  5. Public-Affairs Programme Anchors
  6. In-Studio Programme Anchors
  7. Reporters and Journalists (for Movie Events, Music Events, Political Events, Fashion Events, Legal Events, Technology Events, Cultural Events, Cuisine Events, Education Events, Art Events, Science Events, Agricultural Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thanksgivings, Street Shows, Promotional Events, Religious Events, Breaking News)
  8. Meteorologists
  9. Office Secretaries
  10. Office Clerks


[bg_collapse_level2 view=”button-blue” color=”#e0a613″ icon=”zoom” expand_text=”Advertising and Promotions Department” collapse_text=”Advertising and Promotions Department” ]

  1. Director of Advertising
  2. Social Media Promoters (for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, IGTv, Youtube, Google+, Twitter, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Whatsapp).
  3. Web Promoter
  4. Print Media Promoter


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  1. Chief Engineer (also Director of Engineering)
  2. Broadcast Technicians
  3. Master Operators
  4. Technical Supervisors



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  1. News Items
  2. Promotional Items
  3. In-Studio Shows
  4. Public-Affairs Shows
  5. Information from These Social Sectors: Music, Movies, Law, Education, Science, Technology, Art, Agriculture, Oil and Energy, Politics, Medicine, Public Health, and Fashion.
  6. Internet Television


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  1. Event Coverage
  2. Goods Advertising
  3. Services Advertising
  4. Event Advertising
  5. Campaign Advertising
  6. Company/Organization Advertising


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Waffi TV stands out from the rest because of the surgically-precise manner we operate, by going into the locals, speaking at their level, getting first-hand information (with all the emotions involved), and handing them to our audiences.

Very few news outlets have the time or dedication for such deep-reaching investigative journalism.


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Truth. Unbiased. Go. Break Borders


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Tel: 08121000821 OR 07068286500

Email(s): info@waffitv.com


The White House (Headquarters),

By White House Junction,

Jakpa Road,


Delta State,


Or, drop a feedback here.


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