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Ambassadors Congratulate President Buhari

Waffi TVMarch 7, 2019

Report By:Seth Douperegha

WaffiTV:A few ambassadors have congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari on his triumph at the Feb. 23 presidential race, saying his re-appointment forecasts a positive picture for Nigeria in the universal network.

The emissaries are Amb. Hassan, Nigeria’s Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission in Nigeria’s Embassy in Washington D.C and Prof. Tijjani Bande, Nigeria’s Ambassador/Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Others are Amb. Audu Kadiri, Nigeria’s Ambassador/Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office and Other International Organizations in Geneva, Amb. Akinremi Bolaji, Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Singapore and Amb. Hakeem Balogun, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Indonesia.

Bande told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that “what is critical is that around the globe and particularly in West Africa, natives are glad that there is consistent improvement in the constituent procedure in Nigeria.”

“From the battles, we saw individuals going to look for votes; we saw that the general population crusaded.

“The possibility that you need a hooligan to go around and rig, unquestionably, we have developed past that.

” Nobody would state this was not a decent decision.

“The opposite side is that the trustworthiness of the procedure likewise was an impression of the uprightness of the president himself; he had dependably said that no one should fix race in his name,” he additionally said.

Bande further said the general population who at first idea people with great influence essentially utilized their situation to set a result for themselves were refuted as Buhari and the decision All Progressives Congress lost in certain territories.

“There are regions they did far short of what they expected yet the thought presently is that there is no piece of the nation that is forbidden to any competitor, which is imperative.

“A competitor can motivate great quantities of individuals to work for the person in question in all pieces of the nation.

” This is critical.

“Presently, going ahead, the emphasis on against defilement, foundation, harmony and security in the Northeast and around the nation are things that are critical for Nigeria, however not just for Nigeria.

“They are likewise essential for Africa and for the world and the president has expressed that he would concentrate much more on those things that his organization has done and individuals have acknowledged,” he said.

Hassan, on his part, said Buhari’s re-appointment would eventually combine on the subsisting genial relations among Nigeria and the United States.

“The Nigeria-U.S. political relations achieved its crest with the State Visit of President Buhari to the White House on the welcome of President Donald Trump in April 2018.

“The two presidents traded sees and had exchanges on issues of shared interests, and with the re-appointment of President Buhari, it is normal this would be upgraded for the advantages of the two nations,” he said.

The Nigerian emissary said U.S. financial specialists had been relentlessly putting resources into Nigerian markets with an aggregate of 14 U.S. organizations among 2017 and March 2018 including that the pattern was required to proceed.

“The re-appointment of President Buhari for an additional four-year term will achieve the development and advancement of significant relations among Nigeria and the U.S. in all features of political, financial and security circles,” he said.

Kadiri, in his salutary message, stated: “For we in the bleeding edge of executing Nigeria’s outside approach and conciliatory motivation, President Buhari’s triumph in a free, reasonable and sound race is consoling.

“This is on the grounds that it merges the order for our conciliatory Missions abroad to try harder in the quest for the three mark projects of the present organization at the outside plane, to be specific, battling debasement, fighting instability and the enhancement of the economy to make occupations and riches.

“In Geneva specifically, we will fortify our demarche in encouraging the global network to hold hands with us in fighting defilement, specifically, the repatriation of our plundered assets, reserved in a few locales abroad moving forward without any more postponements or preconditions.

“The auspicious repatriation of our plundered assets and handling unlawful money related streams for the most part will add to propelling the fulfillment of the maintainable improvement objectives and the monetary, social and social privileges of the Nigerian individuals,” he said.

As per Bolaji, Buhari’s triumph at the surveys is a declaration of the exceptional accomplishments of his organization, his immaculate records of battling defilement and his sterling characteristics as a person.

“I steadfastly share in the expectation and conviction that you will make considerably more progress in your second term as far as handling unlawful budgetary streams and assisting the recuperation of Nigerian resources covered up in different nations,” he expressed.

For Balogun, Buhari’s re-appointment introduces another time of commitment with Indonesia in the regions of exchange and venture, especially in agribusiness, vitality, strong minerals, oil and gas, assembling, the travel industry and foundation improvement.

“Mr President, in perspective on the subsisting genial two-sided relations among Nigeria and the Republic of Indonesia, your triumph proclaims another time of commitment which would unfailingly increase respective relations and lead to commonly advantageous results for our two nations,” Balogun said.


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