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Castle & Castle: Richard Mofe Damijo Reveals How Law Background Helped Solidify Role

Waffi TVOctober 7, 2021

Back in September, EbonyLife Studios’ launched the second season of its drama series ‘Castle & Castle’ exclusively on Netflix.

Directed by Kayode Kasum and Walter Taylaur, season two saw fan-favourite actors reprise their roles alongside new additions.

Pulse recently caught up with legendary actor Richard-Mofe Damijo who stars as Tega Castle in the buzzing drama series. The Nollywood veteran shared some candid experiences from working on the show’s two seasons and what’s to come for fans.

Did you experience any creative challenge working on the second season of ‘Castle & Castle’?

There were really no creative challenges. It was just me immersing myself in the character that had been created from the very first season and making sure that people could still relate to it. For me there was no gap. I’m like a masquerade the minute you call me Tega Castle, I go.

How much of your Law background influenced Tega Castle?

It just made me love the character more as he is somebody I can relate with. I have said earlier somewhere there are characters you play that can be very close to your person or personality.

There are personality traits I share with Professor Castle. For him the law is an instrument of change and pursuit of justice rather than self aggrandizement or making you win the biggest lawsuits or deals with corporates that have more money.

What is your fondest memory of ‘Castle & Castle’?

I have a lot of them but I think it’s just working with a punch of energetic young people and enjoying their company. Once I’m on set, I try to make everyone comfortable as well, joke around goof, I goof around a lot. It’s always a vibe to be on set, it’s a place I enjoy. It’s a place I spend a lot of time, so I make sure it’s not toxic in any way.

‘Castle & Castle’ ends on a very interesting note, should fans look forward to a third season?

What do you think? With all those cliffhangers, you’ll not be begging and wishing to know how it all ended? It’s only Netflix that can answer that question really but I’m looking forward to a lot more seasons.

What was the experience like working amid the pandemic?

We had to undergo tests per week or every four days, which was tough. If for every minute my nose was poked I got a dollar, I would be a very rich man.

You have had a long successful career in TV and film, which would you say you prefer?

They are the same, one is just a smaller box and the other is a wilder box that’s all. But I like TV because of the fact that it’s a series. TV gives you more time to get to know your audience and for your audience to get to know you as opposed to a 90-minute or a one hour 20 minute film which is a one-off.

‘Castle & Castle’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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