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Chelsea Job Makes Me Brave And Adventurous, Says Tuchel

Waffi TVNovember 2, 2021

Thomas Tuchel said he’s grateful to be the manager of Chelsea after hearing of Nuno’s sacking at Tottenham.

Ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League clash at Malmo, Tuchel reacted to the news of Nuno’s dismissal.

He said: “I got the news today that one of my colleagues was sacked, which is not good news and never nice to hear.”

Of his success with Chelsea, Tuchel continued: “You also need a bit of luck.

“You cannot win the Champions League by pure planning and quality of playing. You also need a bit of luck and that it’s meant to be that you catch the momentum.

“I am very grateful and I think I am here in this place right now because of my experiences with other clubs before.

Now it seems to be a perfect fit from day one for me and I am super happy to be part of this club. Maybe this is the last percent – if you feel happy and fully appreciated then everything falls into place very genuinely.

“I don’t know if I need extra motivation. Obviously, I was not happy to be sacked at Christmas because my mission at PSG was not fulfilled. I had big plans for the Champions League again and to win the domestic title again and again.

“I was hungry to do that and we were on the way. Of course, this was a huge interruption and some weeks later came a huge opportunity with Chelsea.

“The desire to step into this adventure was much higher than the fear and the concern about the 18- month contract.

“In football you need to take on the adventure, you have to be brave and courageous – and it’s a good environment to do this.”

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