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Ijaw youths apologize to Sylva over misunderstanding with IYC

Waffi TVDecember 29, 2021
Ijaw youths


.. Call for peace, forgiveness

ABUJA: Concerned Ijaw youths residing in Abuja, the nation’s capital, have tendered an unreserved apology to the Minister for State Petroleum Resources, Chief Dr. Timipre Silva and his Chief Security Officer Mr. Muhammed Salisu Abdullah for the unplanned altercation with the IYC Abuja Chapter last week.

The group while calling for calm and tranquility in a statement, Tuesday by Taritimi Okoye urged members of IYC Abuja Chapter, the NPF/D S.S, attached to the minister to bask in spirit of the yuletide season to forgive each other and embrace peace. 

According to the statement, “ The concerned JAW youths residing in Abuja, would like to seize this medium to apologies to the entire family members of his Excellency, Chief. Dr. Timipre Sylva, the Honorable Minister for State Petroleum Resources and his Chief Security Officer, Mr Muhammed Salisu Abdullahi for the negatives incidents which occurred last week.

In the spirit of the Yuletide season, we also use this medium to urge and appeal to injured IYC members and the NPF/D.S.S attached to the minister to forgive each other and embrace peace.

“While, there has been claims in the media as published on 24/ 12/ 2021 by the Ijaw youths council leadership headed by Mr Chief Diplomat Adam Ogomugu Marbo that Mr. Muhammad S. Abdullah who is the Chief Security Officer the minister, was the person who gave the order that led to violence and destruction of properties which occurred at the minister residence on the 21 / 12/ 2021. 

“Besides that,  we want to equivocally state here that the security operatives on duty on that faithful day, was only carrying out their official duty which is to protect lives and properties of Nigerians and our leader at their respective residence.

“ It is worthy to note, that the manner in which the IYC used it’s bus to barricade the minister’s gate was quite uncalled for and indeed provoking, the worst is that there wasn’t any known prior confrontations or grievances.

“However, because this is not a good conduct as such, it is therefore expected, that all well meaning Niger Deltans, the IYC leadership and Ijaws living both at home and abroad would and should speak against it.

“Generally, this incidents has brought a lot pains to the families  of H/E  Chief Timipre Silva and his C.S.O, and Injured N.P.F/ D.S.S on that day, as well as the IYC Abuja chapter members who got injured during their invading to the Minister residence,  So it won’t be a nice action to make a fuss and categorize this issue as a  political issue. 

“In the light of the above, we are appealing and also calling on all parties involved to embrace peace and further restrain from all future planned attacks on the Mohammed and the Minister’s image; because the CSO, was only doing his job to protect Nigerians living in the neighborhood and working for the minister. 

“Any further attempt to rubbish the image and career of Mr. Abdullahi, a very charismatic Nigerian Police Officer, who has diligently served the nation would be tantamount to amounting more pain for the minister. 

“We therefore urge all parties to embrace a peaceful approach to resolve these sad incidents in other to heal wounds and engender prosperity for all nigerians.”it added.

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