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Nissi Ogbulu’s ‘The Satchel’ Scoops First International Award

Waffi TVOctober 6, 2021

Nissi Ogbulu’s 2020 short film ‘The Satchel’ has won the ‘The Audience Choice’ for ‘International Best Animated Short Film’ at the just concluded 2021 Cannes Independent International Film Festival (CIIFF) in France.

Confirming the animated film’s first international award, director and co-producer Nissi Ogbulu shared:

We Won Guys!! ‘’THE SATCHEL’’ for me, really means the genesis of an adaptation of Yoruba mythology. It’s telling a story of the world as we know it as planet earth, through our own eyes, at the same time using our own myths and our own culture to do so.

“This award further enforces the need to grow further in order to engage future projects already in the works. I can tell you that the journey to the realization of this goal has been both phenomenal and challenging so I’m very excited that my brainchild is making great waves’’.

Released in 2021, the 3D Afro-Anime short film is co-produced by Nissi’s Creele Animation Studios and Taeps Animation Studios.

The film is based on an adapted story that centers on the Yoruba creation story. How two divine kings, Oduduwa and Obatala ( sons of the supreme ruler, Olodumare) battle to create the earth using a powerful Satchel. The Satchel becomes a source of rivalry for the brothers with both having something dear to lose.

‘The Satchel’ is brought to life through the voices of Nissi Ogulu, Adedoyin Okuboyejo, Ayobami Bello and Jimi Oremule.

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