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The Return Of Ubi Franklin And Iyanya’s Alliance

Waffi TVOctober 7, 2021

It is no longer news that music mogul Ubi Franklin and his former business partner and record label signee, Iyanya, are back together.

Franklin realigned his partnership and relationship with Iyanya in September 2021.

I sat down to chat with the two friends who once made great music and business together, before their messy rift which enveloped the social media space for years.

For Iyanya, coming back to TripleMG is a step in the right direction as they have both moved away from the past.

The thing about me and Ubi is that we moved past where ever we were and we had a good relationship before we decided to now say ‘okay we’ve made our mistakes and it’s a good time to come together and do things the right way which is what we are doing now,” he said.

Ubi believes their already established chemistry and vibes which he likened to a marriage, made the realignment a lot easier.

“We just vibed! You know sometimes when you have marriages and they do have issues but when you know the reason you went into it in the first place then you get it back,” he said.

I asked the ‘Kukere’ music star if he ever regretted leaving the record in the first place and he gave some analysis on why everything went south and how they have been able to make amends.

“The most important thing is we still have the brotherhood till today. Why did it take so long? You know when you get famous and everything is happening at once, it takes grace for you to be able to make the right decision,” he said.

“Because everything is happening so fast, everything is new to you so you are going to make mistakes. That happens everywhere. The most important thing is you take some time off which is what I did and which what Ubi obviously did and grow as a person and individual.”

You get to grow and review stuff and be like ‘ah we can do it this way and that shouldn’t have been done that way’ that’s where we are now and we are moving forward.”

For Franklin, it was not a mistake or regret, rather it was a learning curve for both of them.

“I don’t think it was a big mistake. For me, everything is a learning curve. We didn’t learn anything from it, we wouldn’t have been back right now. So for the learning curve of the situation, it was very important,” he said.

“We learnt something, we appreciated ourselves apart from each other. Now that we are back with each other, we understand the value – there’s more value that we’ve created for ourselves.”

The new partnership aside from being one of the biggest news in the entertainment world in 2021, would require a lot of work as the industry has since evolved.

“It’s been five years and things have changed – how music can be promoted, the money that can be made from music, there are more opportunities now, influencers are taking most of the spots that we used to take as musicians like endorsements,” Franklin said.

“So you have to look for other means to make money. We are coming with a different vibe but most importantly, a lot of collaborations.”

While speaking on his new EP, Iyanya said it was going to be different as his sound has evolved.

”I’m working on an EP and it is coming out any time from now. EP/Album. The first project we will be releasing is my EP. My sound has obviously changed. Not from the original sound but I have also grown as a musician and I think that there is much depth and I believe when you listen to the music, you will connect to it.”

Franklin and Iyanya both believe they are back to take their rightful positions in the Nigerian music industry. We wait.

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