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Tuomo Community Chairmanship Election

Waffi TVJanuary 6, 2022

England Tabai:.

In the early hours of today, 6th January, 2022. Tuomo community conducted their Communal Chairmanship Election and it ended up in a peaceful way.

There were six chairmanship candidates who bought their Chairmanship forms from the Tuomo Electoral Commission (TEC) under the leadership of Eric Esamakeme.

Below is the result of the election:

Thompson Yinkere. 32 Votes (Winner)

Ndidi Egede. 18 Votes

Edonyabo Wariebi. 15 Votes

Gbanaka Edesafubo. 10 Votes

Patrick Waretimi. 7 Votes

Agagudu Ogbeinama. 7 Votes

Comrade Thompson Yinkere who emerged as the winner, moves on to the swearing in ground to take oath of office with his newly executive.


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