Why God Stopped Talking To Me For Some Weeks Many Years Ago – Pastor ADEBOYE - Waffi Tv

Why God Stopped Talking To Me For Some Weeks Many Years Ago – Pastor ADEBOYE

Waffi TVSeptember 22, 2021

It was a stunned congregation that listened to Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, a couple of weeks ago reveal how God once stopped talking to him during one of his teachings.

Some couple of weeks ago, the highly respected Pastor Adeboye recounted how pride made God stop talking to him shortly after he got born again. Addressing his members at the Redemption Camp, the clergyman recounted that he made a mistake by exhibiting pride before God and he paid for it dearly before God finally forgave him and restored communication between them.

According to Pastor Adeboye: “When I became Born Again, as a very young Christian, I attended a Fellowship at the University of Lagos. We were singing and having a wonderful time worshipping God. All of a sudden, there was silence. Everybody suddenly became silent.

And then one man began to prophesy: “Thus Saith the Lord…” and he went on and on!

“And I nudged the man who took me there and asked: ‘When did God say that?’

“The man said: ‘Keep quiet! God is speaking.’

I said, ‘I am not hearing anything’ but he insisted I should keep quiet.

“After the programme, I made up my mind: God, I must hear You.

Few days later, I started hearing from God! And I am telling you, it is a very beautiful thing to be able to hear from God yourself!

“I was enjoying it. When I was going to church on Sunday morning, God would have told me who was going to preach, what he is going to preach on, the text he would use. I mean, it was beautiful!

“He would tell me where there would be a traffic jam in Lagos. He would tell me which way to go, which way not to go.

“Then one day, I had a problem with one of the pastors. I had risen very quickly to become the interpreter for the General Superintendent (the Founder of the Church). I used to be an interpreter to the General Overseer or General Superintendent like we call it those days. My father in the Lord then just took a special interest in my interpretation. When other pastors in the church then realised that the General Overseer liked my interpretation, they stopped calling me to interpret for them and left me alone for the General Overseer”.

“I became full of myself and started bouncing around as interpreter to the General Overseer but an incident happened one day. We had a program and we invited a guest minister to preach. He made a mistake that day, you may be surprised at my definition of a mistake. The mistake was that he asked me to interpret for himself. I was really angry in my spirit but I couldn’t object because it was too late “.

“I was upset! Me, the interpreter to the General Superintendent? “I stood up and interpreted for him but in my heart, I was murmuring, I said ‘How could you call me, a whole interpreter to the General Overseer, to interpret for you?’

“If he had known how I was feeling inside, he would have chosen another fellow.

“But I interpreted for him because I had to obey him!

“As soon as we finished the service, I heard a voice from Heaven, loud and clear: ‘So you are now too big to interpret for my servant?’

“That was the last thing I heard!

“All of a sudden, from that moment onward, Heaven became silent. I didn’t hear from Heaven anymore!

“Somehow, the devil must have discovered that I was not hearing from Heaven anymore.

“Oh! I got into every traffic jam in Lagos. All manner of problems came!

“I cried, I prayed, I wept, until finally, I said to God: ‘Begin to speak to me again, and if by tomorrow I am going to offend you, take me away.’

And then God began to speak to me again and He has been speaking to me since then!”

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