Investigate Wike Activities In 2023 Elections- Clark Urges PDP

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) convenes its National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting today, former Federal Commissioner for Information and South South Leader, Chief Edwin Clark, is urging the establishment of a Disciplinary Committee to investigate anti-party activities.

Clark singles out former Governor of Rivers State, now Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, Nyesom Wike, as a major adversary to the PDP, accusing him of manipulation with the aim of its destruction.

He insists on a robust committee composed of individuals resistant to financial inducements to address Wike’s actions decisively. Additionally, Clark advocates for the immediate dissolution of the current National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP due to alleged anti-party conduct. He proposes the appointment of an Acting National Chairman in line with the party’s constitution, citing a precedent during Prince Uche Secondus’s tenure.

Clark stresses the urgency of revisiting the online registration of party members to prevent reliance on individuals, asserting that certain members have exploited the party for personal gain. Furthermore, he cautions that nominating Atiku Abubakar as the PDP’s candidate for the 2027 elections could lead to the party’s collapse as the nation’s second-largest political entity.

Part of the statement read, “My sincere advice to the members of the party’s NWC which is composed of notable politicians, is that they should be courageous enough to: Set up a Disciplinary Committee to investigate the anti-party activities, particularly the roles played by some members which led to the failure of the PDP in the 2023 elections;

“To dissolve the existing NEC of the party for their anti-party activities;

Earlier,  the Elderstatesman said, “Rumours have it that Atiku is already preparing for the 2027 presidential election. If this is allowed, PDP will collapse as the second principal party in the country today. While no one is contesting his right of contesting or indicating interest for the presidency of the country as many times as he wishes, which as the last count is up to five times, he should also know that fair play is the bedrock of the game. 

“Another person that also seems to be holding or going for the jugular of the PDP, is Barr. Nyesom Wike. Honestly, I lack words to describe his actions. The nearest description I can give for his actions is political androgynous, he is neither in PDP or APC. He seems simply acquisitive, and the greatest enemy of PDP, manipulating it, with an intent of destroying it.

“Most of us supported Barr. Wike in his agitation against Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. But he has gone too far in causing tragedy in PDP. His anti party activities must be dealt with decisively, by setting up a strong disciplinary committee made up a strong people with resilience to resist pecuniary gains, who are courageous to investigate his activities, and that of any other person/persons suspected to engage in anti-party activities. The seeming contest for the soul of the PDP between himself and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is not only ridiculous but a negation of the ideals for founding the party.

“Even though Nyesom Wike, had a good case considering what transpired during the last presidential primary election of the PDP, he has crossed the red line. Today, he is dancing naked in the market. He regards himself as the leader of both the PDP and APC in Rivers State, and that is why I described him as someone who can be referred as a political androgynous; an acquisitive person. Wike used his influence on APC National Chairman, Alhaji Umar Ganduje, to set up a caretaker committee of the party in Rivers State under the leadership of Mr. Tony Okocha, a position he, Mr. Okocha, sees as an opportunity to deride, harass and attempt to humiliate an elected Executive Governor of the State, Siminalayi Fubara.

“The story is the same in PDP in the State; where Barr. Wike recently removed the State Chairman, and recommended him for a federal appointment. Now, with his control of PDP and APC in Rivers State, he has appointed some APC members as caretaker committee members of the party in Rivers State.

“Is Nyesom Wike only waiting for the appropriate time to destroy the PDP and become a full fledge member of the APC?  It is alleged that it is the same Barr. Wike who sponsored the 27 members of the Rivers State House of Assembly, to defect from the PDP to the APC, using the National Secretary of the Party, who was in court as the reason and that PDP has split.

“Even though these members in accordance with constitutional provisions have lost their seats in the House as a result of their defection to another party when there was no crisis in the party on which platform they were elected, Wike is retaining them with the support of Mr President, to the extent of threatening to impeach the Executive Governor, Siminalaye Fubara.

” I will, at this juncture, like to repeat the question I asked in the book I am writing on PDP, ‘Whither PDP: to be or not to be?’. The inordinate ambition of Their Excellencies Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Barr, Nyesom Wike, to be president of the country, will kill the party. These two seem to prefer to use their personal funds to establish their leadership, not because of their love for the party. PDP wake up! This is a clarion call.

“It is true that for some time the party had no funds, particularly the time between Ahmed Makarfi and Ali Modu Sheriff. Nyesom Wike was the only Governor who financially supported the party. Again, in his usual manner, he insulted and humiliated the party. He dared them not to hold the party convention in Port Harcourt. The party kowtowed to him. Even after that, he continued to harass and intimidate the party. For instance, he sponsored Uche Secondus to be the national chairman of the party against the wishes of most other members. The same Barr. Wike later on instigated and sponsored the removal of Uche Secondus, two months before the party’s National Convention.

“Barr. Wike’s engagement in brash politics seems to be affecting members of the party including the party’s Acting National Chairman, Amb. Umar Iliya Damagum and the National Secretary, who take instructions from Barr. Wike. Hence, the sixty members on the platform of the party in the House of Representatives, are calling for the resignation and or removal of the Acting National Chairman.”


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